Liz is an expert in strategic marketing and market research. She has worked in the private, public and charity sectors for the past 20 years, in business development, research and marketing roles. She was responsible for the £140m digital product portfolio for Ordinance Survey, together with overseeing their R&D unit, and set-up the social enterprise Geovation. She has worked for other high profile businesses including ITV and Reed Elsevier.

She works as an independent consultant, specialising in conducting qualitative and
quantitative research. She regularly interviews C-level executives in multiple business sectors, from SMEs to global multi-nationals, to gain their insights into market and business dynamics. She regularly produces research and thought leadership reports and articles for clients.

Liz also helps start-up companies develop their go-to-market strategies, and works with a variety of companies in developing value propositions for their product portfolios; and offline and digital marketing to their target markets.