Innovation is essential in today’s digital world. Businesses need to constantly develop new products and new ways of doing things, or ways to make what they are doing better, if they are to survive long-term.

They need to adapt, be flexible and shift focus when it comes to service delivery or developing a product, whilst continuing with business as usual.

Game Changers push boundaries

Game Changers can play a key role in the innovation process if they are in the right team. According to Nathan Ott, CEO of eg.1, Game Changers are the individuals who push boundaries in the way they work and form the impetus behind the innovation of successful companies.

Game Changers transform our future

Whereas most people can be taught decision-making skills, not everyone is born with the imagination and obsession needed to transform our future.

Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist at eg.1 said, “Game Changers have been described as people who can see around corners when the rest of the world sees in straight lines. They will not be constrained by ‘received wisdom’ and traditional ways of doing things. They imagine how this could be.”

Realising your game-changing potential

According to Ott Game Changers are the individuals CEOs are crying out for in helping them drive innovation. However, new research from eg.1, The DNA of a Game Changers, suggests many businesses fail to identify their Game Changers or simply push them out because they consider them to be too disruptive. As a result many Game Changers jump ship and set up on their own.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a number of fabulous organisations and teams in my time, who embrace Game Changers. They give them the freedom to develop ideas and work in a way that suits them – this can take some managing to ensure the wider team understands what the Game Changer’s role is and how they are contributing.

But in my experience those organisations that embrace Game Changers are those that stay ahead of the curve.