I always swore I would never do it – churn out a piece of work for the sake of it.

I’m one of those annoying results-driven people. I need to know that what I am doing is adding value and whilst I know this is not necessarily a bad thing if I don’t see these results I can become a little obsessed!

One day I found myself in a little dilemma. Sat in my office I stared blankly at the screen of my laptop – I had to write an article. I knew what it was about but the reality is my client had nothing new to say and if I am brutally honest it was going to add no value to readers. This made it very difficult and very painful to write.

However, there was a tangible result. We had secured another article and it would raise the profile of the organisation, expanding its reach and visibility.

Why then did I feel so low? It was a result.

A little reflection and I realised I had resorted to the churn. My need for results and the client’s push to get something/anything out there left me churning.

Whilst, I understand the value lots of press coverage, blogs and social media can have on an organisation I favour quality over quantity. I know there is an argument to get lots out there so people notice you but surely you want them to notice you for the right reason.

This taught me a huge lesson. I am not happy churning.

Whilst it’s good to be results driven I now realise this obession to see tangible results was also at risk of getting me in trouble. I now look at results differently – I remain very driven and determined to succeed but it’s not simply about the numbers.

Results come in differnt forms and it’s important to remember this. Whilst the numbers are important simply focusing on them can sometimes get you in trouble and take some of the enjoyment away.

Note to self – remain results driven but remember ‘positive’ results come in many forms.