The BHM Game Changing programme is powered by The GC Index®, a scientific language and framework that helps create game-changing teams and cultures.

Our team of game changing experts use The GC Index® to transform the way our clients’ teams operate and communicate.

Our engaging programme helps organisations to:

  •      Improve communication
  •      Create a culture where employees can have open, honest conversations
  •      Ensure the right mix of people are working on the right project
  •      Identify the genuine and potential impact individuals will make
  •      Accelerate and drive transformational change
  •      Boost individual and team performance
  •      Recruit, develop and manage game changing talent

Why the BHM Game Changing Programme?


The reality is that achieving long term success in the modern workplace is not purely down to one person with one idea. It’s often the dynamics of the complete team that create the desired outcome but all too often teams are formed based on who is available at the time or who has done the job before, not who is best placed to do the job now.

Conflict and disengagement often occurs in teams because of misunderstandings but The GC Index® framework changes the way people communicate and builds trust. It also enables you to select people who are going to have the desired impact.


Mike Ksenyak, HR Lead at Water For People says “Within a transformation journey, failures and setbacks are difficult to overcome without trust. The GC Index® has changed the way we communicate across the organisation which is helping to build trust across the business – there’s now a commitment from everyone to be open and honest so that we can work together to fix problems and make the most of opportunities.”